The Dessert Mixologist dessert mixes were born out of the spirit of friendship inspiring you to celebrate with your unique twist. So, gather your loved ones, grab a bottle, and Mix It Up! Friendships worth keeping take time and patience. Desserts should always be a part of it."

Rae the Dessert Mixologist

Rae's Story

My passion for great food and drinks started when I made my first cup of coffee for my dad. He said it was “masarap” (delicious)! That praise started a lifelong desire to learn more about food and drinks around the world. My family and friends greatly appreciate it when I have to “experiment” with a new recipe idea. I would not say all recipes are a success, but it does manage to get people around the table to share some fun and laughter.

Right out of college, I started working for a university food service where I learned to manage people, budgets, and the food business. The highlight of my job was to standardize all bakery recipes for use in food service and catering menus.

Ever the constant student I pursued a master’s degree in Restaurant Management. When my sister and friends were diagnosed with Leukemia and Lymphoma, I helped write a cookbook and donated all the proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. 

My product development role combined my love for food and travel where I created breakfast food products for customers globally. When the pandemic hit, all travel stopped. The pandemic helped me realize what was important: family and friends. Life is too short and after 25 years I left my job.

Never one to sit still, a remarkable idea for a delicious dessert with a fun twist was created. Call it serendipity but my dear friend was searching for her next “aha moment” at the same time I was. The Dessert Mixologist was created to take something ordinary and mix it up into something extraordinary. The Dessert Mixologist product line is a plant-based line of desserts. Life is meant to be celebrated with friends and family no matter the occasion!

Lorrie the Dessert Mixologist

Lorrie's Story

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Merchandising and minors in both Marketing and Spanish from the University of Northern Iowa. My career provided a wealth of experience in retail, finance, marketing, merchandising, product development, and project management. After 35 years in the corporate world, I was more than ready to find a new adventure.

However, my new adventure required some key elements for me to jump! First and foremost, it had to be fun. Second, it had to be in a field I know something about but also pushes me to learn more.  And finally, this new adventure would provide an opportunity for people to donate to a cause that has impacted me. While deciding what that adventure would be, I nourished my passion for travel and gardening.

Traveling and connecting with friends around the world has helped me maintain the special bond of these lifelong friendships. My superpower is the ability to preserve these special friendships. Hence the reason I am the social coordinator for Girl’s Weekends and the annual gathering of sorority sisters for homecoming. Planning the events is simple: it always involves great food, fun cocktails, and lots of laughter!

So, it was a natural move to create a delicious dessert that brings people together to celebrate life’s special moments.