Our Story 

Meet the Dessert Mixologists

How does a friendship begin and continue for over 40 years? And what does dessert and cocktails have to do with it?

It all began at the University of Northern Iowa as sorority sisters. Lorrie Popik and Rae Guillermo became part of a sisterhood which grew into a deep and long-lasting friendship.

After graduation, we went our separate ways to begin our careers: Rae, in the food industry and Lorrie in the retail/wireless industry. But the bond of sisterhood and friendship that initially brought us together for college Homecomings, developed into annual Girl’s Weekends with other sorority “besties”. And this always involved great food, amazing drinks, tons of laughter, and the joy of creating wonderful memories together.

Fast forward to June 2022.

During Lorrie’s visit back to Iowa, we had a “What If?” moment, (of course while drinking a glass of wine and enjoying a decadent dessert). At the precise moment, we each asked, "What if we could start a business to let others share life’s special moments and celebrations together like we had all these years?"

We love specially crafted cocktails and delicious desserts, but there was nothing in the market that combined our two favorite things.

So, with our wealth of experience in the food and business industries combined with our passion for baking, a simple idea to create a decadent dessert with a twist was born.

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Our Cause

Life has also brought us together to honor our “besties” from our sorority and a family member that have passed on way too early from leukemia and lymphoma. As a result of these diseases touching us personally, we are donating a portion of our profits as part of our mission to support research efforts to find a cure. We’re including a link on our website to the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society for those who would like to donate in helping find a cure. 

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

There have been tears and laughter through the years but one thing we know for sure, the bonds of sisterhood forged years ago have remained strong. So, it’s not about the dessert and cocktails, but how you Mix It Up to create those special moments and take time in life to celebrate with those important to you. We want to be part of those moments. So be your own Dessert Mixologist and celebrate any occasion!

For more information about our products, check out Dessert Mix 101 and our frequently asked questions.